Roasted lamb – roti de l’agneau du pré-salé




Today’s recipe brings us to the Mont Saint-Michel, an island off the far west coast of Normandy, France. A frequent day trip for visitors to Paris, not many of whom notice grazing in the brackish marsh grasses along the coast a very particular sheep – the mouton du pré-salé or literally the “sheep of the salted pasture”. Spending your whole life eating a splendidly spiced mineralized mixture of grasses gives a lamb’s meat a delightfully subtle taste…kind of nutty.

In a good way.

Visiting the Mont Saint-Michel is an adventure in itself as it takes over two hours to get there and you’ll have to take a mini-bus or walk the last two kilometers to the base – in addition to climbing many stairs inside the island itself (unless you’re lazy and pay to take the elevator). The “castle” that you see in the photos is a church and a monastery surrounded by an ancient village that is now a very busy tourist site during the day. If you decide to spend the night, you will have the place to yourself. A romantic choice for those in the know.

For the roasted lamb, you will need:

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